Guest starring Anne Shirley

Läser just nu The lake house, Kate Mortons sprillans nya. Har bara kommit några sidor men har redan hittat en karaktär jag känner igen:

Alice had a natural bent towards nosiness—people had been telling her so all her life and she took it as a compliment; it was a trait she intended to put to good use—but her interest that day was fuelled more by frustration and a sudden willingness to be distracted than it was by curiosity. All summer long she’d been working feverishly on a novel of passion and mystery, but three days earlier her progress had stalled. It was all the fault of her heroine, Laura, who, after chapters devoted to illustrating her rich inner life, now refused to cooperate. Faced with the introduction of a tall, dark, handsome gentleman, the dashingly named Lord Hallington, she’d suddenly lost all her wit and pith and become decidedly dull. – s.8

Although she’d kept the fact hidden beneath a veneer of stubborn indifference, it had bothered Alice for a long time that she fell so far short of her mother’s expectations. She’d looked in the mirror and despaired of her too-tall body, her unobliging mouse-brown hair, her preference for the company of made-up people over real ones. -s.11

Ja, hon har färgat håret igen. Men kära Anne, hur kom du så långt från Grönkulla?

Blev du sugen på mer Kate Morton? Läs de två första kapitlen från The lake house här.



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